Employer Recruiting Resources

Check out our employer recruiting resources compiled here for easy access!

Creating an Internship Program

The Dartmouth College Center for Professional Development offers guidelines for creating effective internship programs, covering goal setting, legal compliance, supervision, and onboarding. It highlights benefits and provides resources for employers to connect with Dartmouth students.

DEI @ Dartmouth Recruiting Guide

The DEI Recruiting Guide offers comprehensive strategies for enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices. It includes actionable steps for attracting diverse talent, creating an inclusive workplace culture, and ensuring equitable opportunities throughout the recruitment process.

Improve Your Info Sessions

Eddy’s HR Encyclopedia explains how to conduct effective employer information sessions, highlighting their importance and offering best practices for preparation, presentation, and follow-up. It provides strategies for engaging attendees and attracting top talent.

Optimize Your Career Fair Experience

A Career Fair is a great way to connect with many students in a short timeframe.  It’s important to be prepared and strategic when participating in a Career Fair to make a positive impression among students.  This document offers tips for making the most of your Career Fair experience. 

2024 Employer Partnership Program

The 2024 Employer Partnership Program PDF outlines partnership opportunities for employers to engage with students through events, branding, and tailored recruitment strategies. It details sponsorship levels, benefits, and various ways employers can connect with the Dartmouth community to enhance their recruiting efforts. 

Career Outcomes Report

The Career Outcomes Report provides data on the career paths of recent graduates, including employment rates, industries, and geographic locations of employment. It also highlights salary ranges and the percentage of graduates pursuing further education.