2024 – 2025 Employer Policies

All employers who post internships, jobs, or events to Handshake must agree to abide by these policies below, set by the Center for Professional Development (CPD) & Dartmouth Engineering (Thayer Career Services).

Employers engaging with and using the services of the Center for Professional Development and/or Thayer Career Services, whether on campus or virtually, must abide by the Equal Opportunity Employment and Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Additionally, the Center for Professional Development adheres to the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice as defined by the National Association of Colleges & Employers.

All employers who schedule virtual or in-person events or interviews directly with the CPD must also agree to abide by these policies below. We’re happy to review these with you.


We do not accept:

  • Opportunities that discriminate in any manner on the basis of sex, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, actual or perceived gender identity, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, veteran status, or genetic information.
  • Third party recruiters who cannot disclose the employer they represent, who share or sell job seeker personal data without consent of the job seekers, and/or who charge job seekers for the use of their services
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Pyramid Schemes and/or multi-level marketing companies
  • Opportunities where applicants must pay a fee or an initial investment
  • Opportunities that are “commission-only”
  • Opportunities where there may be a concern for student safety
  • Employers offering internships that do not provide a learning environment supported by supervision for their interns
  • Employers who do not have an established website or cannot provide business filing documentation in their state of origin
  • Opportunities where hiring contact does not have a phone number or an email address that reflects the organization’s name, unless this information is verified
  • Employers that seek to hire students as ambassadors, interns or representatives to promote and/or sell products/services to students and staff.

The CPD and Thayer Career Services reserves the right to determine which postings are appropriate for students and may discontinue access for an employer account at any time.


Employers are responsible for understanding the labor laws around unpaid internships as outlined by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.


Master of Engineering Management Internship


Employers who participate in our recruiting program agree to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Principles for Professional Practice and should be prepared to share examples of their initiatives and practices, as requested.


All events facilitated by our office must be inclusive. Please refer to the information under “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion”.


We offer a targeted email service, for a small fee, that enables you to reach the students whose graduation year and interests best match your needs. Contact us for more information!


Recruiters should always be trained in professional interviewing standards and protocols. They need to be professional and refrain from exclusive or inappropriate behavior.


We encourage employers to educate students on any testing or assessments that are part of the recruiting process, ensuring they understand the nature of the test, how results are stored and used, and an opportunity to request accommodation if needed. Students must be notified of testing at least two business days in advance.


When 1st round on-campus interviews are possible, they will be held in the CPD and are scheduled via Handshake. Employers needing schedule changes must contact the CPD to make those changes. We also offer virtual interview scheduling. Subsequent interviews are scheduled directly by employers. Interviews should NOT be held in hotel bedrooms. Employers must offer flexibility in scheduling 2nd round interviews, in consideration of students’ academic schedules, and offer a minimum of 2 dates UP FRONT. A minimum of 3 full business days lead time is required between notification and actual out-of-town interviews at employer’s site (e.g. Thurs. night for following Wed.). Interviews must not be scheduled during reading & exam periods. Contact srs@dartmouth.edu to book.


Alcohol should not be part of the recruitment process. This includes ALL events.


Recruiting invoices will be issued within 30 days of your event or interviews. Recruiting fees are fully refundable if your cancellation is made 30 days prior to your event or interview date.  Nonprofit, government & startup organizations receive a 50% discount on recruiting fees (does not apply to room reservations).  Startup organizations are defined as < 5 years old and < 50 employees. All organizations should contact srs@dartmouth.edu to book.

  • On-Campus Interviews: $100 for first room or schedule; $125 for each additional room or schedule.
  • On- Campus Office Hours / Coffee Chats: $100 for first room or schedule; $125 for each additional room or schedule.
  • On-Campus Pre-Interview Meetings & Information Sessions: $100 per session covers scheduling and marketing services.
  • Virtual Information Sessions: $100 per session
  • Virtual Coffee Chats/Office Hours: $100 per schedule
  • Virtual Interviews: $100 per schedule (We post, promote, and schedule these for employers.  Employers provide the link to students)

Space options include:

  • Hanover Inn – range of space options and fees
  • Six South Street – meeting space available for a fee
  • Center for Professional Development Workshop Room
    • No additional fees
    • Accommodates up to 30 students 
    • Available 12-1pm M-F and from 4-6pm M-TH 
    • Contact srs@dartmouth.edu
  • On Campus Classroom Reservation


Employers participating in the recruiting program have agreed to comply with the deadlines below. If you have a question about an offer, please contact us at srs@dartmouth.edu. We are here to help you!

Entry-Level Offers: Deadline for Student’s Decision on Offer

  • Offers for 2024 or 2025 start date – 2 weeks from date of formal offer

Internship Offers: Deadline for Student’s Decision on Offer

  • Minimum of 2 weeks from date of offer
  • Summer 2025 Internship Offers:

                     -August 26, 2024 or 2 weeks from date of offer, whichever is LATER

Any policy violation may result in an employer’s inability to participate in future On Campus Recruiting seasons. The  extent and duration of the pause will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMITMENT Dartmouth College is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all its students. For that reason, Dartmouth does not  discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship status, disability, military or veteran status  in access to its programs and activities, and in conditions of admission and employmentSexual harassment is a form of sex  discrimination and constitutes a violation of Dartmouth’s equal opportunity policy. Additionally, students with documented  learning disabilities have the same legal entitlements as students with other types of disabilities and are entitled to reasonable  accommodations as appropriate. All employers participating in Dartmouth’s recruiting program, including interview programs and online job postings, are required to abide by this policy. Participation in Dartmouth’s recruiting program constitutes an affirmation that  your organization’s stated commitment to equal opportunity is in all aspects consistent with Dartmouth’s above-quoted policy.