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What is the Recruiting Program? 

The Recruiting Program is a highly visible, Dartmouth-specific recruiting cycle.  It occurs each term allowing employers to opt into a specific timeline of recruiting activity that includes information sessions and interviews.  These activities are supported and organized by our team and are widely promoted across the student body.

How does it work?

Prior to each term, employers are invited through Handshake to participate in the Recruiting Program (see calendar above).  Employers submit preferences for information session date/time and/or interview dates. There is typically a week of information sessions, a resume deadline, and a time period for interviews to take place.  Our office will publicize your position, collect, and forward applicant materials the morning after the deadline, and manage on-campus or virtual interview scheduling for you.  On-campus interviews take place in the Center for Professional Development.

What are the benefits of participating? 

The Recruiting Program is specific to Dartmouth students, and opportunities and information sessions in the recruiting program are marketed widely across the student body via our weekly newsletters sent to all undergraduate students as well as targeted emails to students.  Employers who participate in the recruiting program are specifically seeking Dartmouth talent and find that the additional marketing to students significantly increases their visibility among the numerous opportunities and events posted in Handshake.

How do I participate? 

  • For on-campus or virtual interviews ($100/schedule), request your interview date in Handshake. In your Handshake request, select “Center for Professional Development” from the list of career centers, choose the appropriate timeline option associated with your preferred interview day, AND note in the details of the “Add a Date” window whether the interviews will be virtual or hosted in the CPD’s interview rooms. For help, please visit this Handshake article on how to request an interview schedule.

  • To host an in-person or virtual information session ($100/event, + possible venue fees), email with the following three items: Your top three date/time preferences (see above calendar; available times: 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm ET), an event description, and preference for virtual or in-person. We will build the event in Handshake under our Center’s page, promote, and collect student registrations. Employers are responsible for reserving space if the event is off-campus. View space options on our policies page.

  • To host in-person or virtual office hours/coffee chats ($100/schedule), which are 1:1 or small group informal conversations with students, email with the following three items: Your top three date/time preferences during the period of employer events (see above calendar), an event description and schedule format, and preference for virtual or in-person. 

What are the fees?

  • On-Campus Interviews: $100 for first room or schedule; $125 for each additional room or schedule.
  • On- Campus Office Hours / Coffee Chats: $100 for first room or schedule; $125 for each additional room or schedule.
  • On-Campus Pre-Interview Meetings & Information Sessions: $100 per session covers scheduling and marketing services.
  • Virtual Information Sessions: $100 per session
  • Virtual Coffee Chats/Office Hours: $100 per schedule
  • Virtual Interviews: $100 per schedule (We post, promote, and schedule these for employers.  Employers provide the link to students)

Space options include:

  • Hanover Inn – range of space options and fees
  • Six South Street – meeting space available for a fee
  • Center for Professional Development Workshop Room
    • No additional fees
    • Accommodates up to 30 students 
    • Available 12-1pm M-F and from 4-6pm M-TH 
    • Contact
  • On Campus Classroom Reservation

Essential Recruiting Program Policies and Procedures 

All employers who schedule events or interviews with the CPD agree to abide by these recruiting policies.

Questions? Email

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

We encourage employers to share their commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the recruiting process.  This could entail sharing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion information and supports that your organization has within position and organization descriptions, on your website, during your employer events, and throughout the interview process.  In addition, diverse employee representation involved in the recruiting process can signal an organization’s commitment to DEI.  This recent article from the National Association of Colleges & Employers titled Conscious Job Seeking: Assessing Employer’s Commitment to DEI shares sample questions that students may ask a potential employer during an interview.  Employer representatives should be prepared to speak to their organization’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as students seek this transparency and authenticity in the recruiting process.

Employer Interview Feedback

In an effort to improve our coaching and student support, we ask employers who participate in our recruiting program to complete our interview feedback form. All feedback is used internally and never shared with students directly.

Offer Deadlines for Employer Recruiting Program

Employers participating in the recruiting program have agreed to comply with the deadlines below. If you receive an offer and would like help negotiating an extension, please email us at We are here to help you!

  • Offers for 2024 or 2025 start date – 2 weeks from date of formal offer

  • Minimum of 2 weeks from date of offer
  • Summer 2025 Internship Offers:

                     -August 26, 2024 or 2 weeks from date of offer, whichever is LATER