Other Campus Career Contacts

The Center for Professional development serves all undergraduate students and is the main career hub at Dartmouth.  In addition, there are other campus career contacts that serve niche populations.  The contact information is provided below should you wish to reach out and learn how you can connect with their students.

Business School – MBA Tuck School of BusinessSarah Van Orman – Associate Director, Employer Relations
Graduate School – MastersGuarini School of Graduate & Advanced StudiesKerry Landers – Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs 
Medicine – MD, MD-PhD, MD/MBA, MPH/MS, PhDGeisel School of MedicineChandlee Bryan – Career Services Manager
Engineering – BE, Masters, PhD Dartmouth Engineering Career ServicesCareer Services Administrator

Student Organizations

Search a database of student organizations by clicking here to identify and connect with organizations directly to arrange a presentation or event.

Additional Departments:

The Dartmouth Center for Social Impact prepares students to be transformative leaders for the common good. Through community-driven experiential learning, our students cultivate their skills, scholarship, and passion to develop high-impact approaches to the most pressing societal problems. 

The mission of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship is to serve Dartmouth students, faculty and alumni along all points of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College is a catalyst for public policy research, teaching, and deliberation. Dedicated to providing an interdisciplinary perspective on policy-related topics, the Center fosters a commitment to the ideals of public service and informed public debate exemplified by Nelson A. Rockefeller, former governor of New York State and Vice President of the United States.