Interview and Networking Follow-Up

After an interview or a networking conversation, it is important to reach out and thank the person with whom you spoke. Below you will find tips on how to write a variety of thank you notes. When it comes to networking, it is also important to periodically check in with the other person to maintain and continue developing the relationship. Towards the bottom of this guide, you will find sample messages to guide your outreach. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a CPD career coach for additional support to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

Thank You Note Tips


  • Send a thank you note email after interviews, info sessions, and networking conversations.
  • Make every effort to send it within 24 hours of your interaction. If you are unable to meet that deadline, still send a response. It is much better to send a late response than none at all.


  • To express sincere gratitude for a positive interaction.
  • To build a professional network of future colleagues and possibilities.
  • To restate your interest in an opportunity and remind people why you would be a great person to have on their team.

What to Say

  • Post-Interview. What you are thankful for: the opportunity to learn about the company and share your skills and interest in the company. Cite one specific aspect that resonated with you. Reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Post-Networking. What you are thankful for: the opportunity to learn about the company and share your skills and interest in the company. Cite one specific detail that resonated with you. 

Interview Follow-Up

  • Make sure to collect your interviewers’ names and email addresses. Ask the position contact/hiring manager/recruiter for this information if you don’t have it. Also ask about next steps and timeline, so you know when you can expect to hear back.
  • If you interviewed with multiple people, you can address all of them in the same message, or send separate messages to each interviewer.
  • If you haven’t heard back about a job or internship within 5 business days of the date you were given, send a polite follow-up email directly to the primary contact and re-state your interest. Ask if there is anything further you can do in support of your candidacy.

Networking Follow-Up 

  • It is okay to ask if you can stay in touch during a first conversation with a networking contact – follow the lead that they set. One good way to keep your momentum is to ask, “Do you have any recommendations of organizations or other people I could potentially reach out to in order to learn more?”
  • There are two strategies you can use for maintaining/cultivating relationships:
    • Intentional: Set a pre-scheduled timeline for follow-up check-in, (sometimes this is suggested in advance by the individual – e.g. update me in six months).
    • Sporadic/Casual: Reach out again when something arises that reminds you of the contact.

Interview Thank You Template (Do Not Use Verbatim)

Dear [name of person], 

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me [insert day]. I enjoyed my conversation with you and am excited about the possibility of joining your team.

In particular, I appreciated learning about your […]. It is very easy to see how dedicated you are to […], and also to […].

I would like to reiterate my interest in the […] position/internship.  I believe that my skills and experience in [insert 2-3 skills] would allow me to contribute to and further the [team name] team’s work in meaningful ways.

With gratitude,

[your name]

Sample Networking Thank You Email 

Subject: Thank you for your time.

Dear <<insert name>>, 

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about career paths in publishing. I learned a great deal about Simon and Schuster from our conversation. It has further increased my interest in pursuing a career in publishing. I also enjoyed hearing more about your graduate studies in publishing at Columbia. 

I plan to take your advice and contact Sally Smith at XYZ Company for more information about the publishing industry. Thank you for suggesting that I mention your name in my email. I will keep you updated on my progress and plans. 

I truly appreciate the assistance you have been able to provide. 


<<Your name>>

Email Samples for Developing a Relationship

Take the time to properly cultivate networking relationships. A crucial part of networking is reaching out to contacts after the initial conversation, but without directly asking for a job. Below our sample ways to engage with people using information gained from a previous conversation. 

Reflecting on a Mutual Interest

Subject: The Grand Canyon

Dear <<Insert Name>>,

I recently had an opportunity to fly over the Grand Canyon. I was reminded of how you explained its formation to me. It was interesting to see the evidence of the erosion from the sky; now I am trying to figure out a way to get there on the ground. Have you had an opportunity to visit it more recently? I remember that you had hoped to take your daughter there.

Thank you again for your time last month. It was very informative, and I have had some great conversations since then with XXX and YYY whom you recommended. I am all set up for an internship this spring with ABC Firm. I will let you know how it goes.

Take care,

 <<Insert Name>>

Course Information That You Understood Better from a Conversation

Subject: ENG 10 & Our Conversation

Dear <<Name>,

We had a guest speaker in my Geography course the other day, <<insert name>>, and it reminded me of our conversation. She recommended that all students increase their ability to speed read in order to maximize their exposure and comprehension of the vast array of information being uploaded these days. Thanks to you, this wasn’t a new concept to me. However, some of my classmates were very surprised by this comment and are only now processing this information. 

Once again, thank you for the time you took to speak with me a few months ago.

Take care,

<<Your Name>>

Sharing Articles or Information from the News

Subject: Newsweek Article on the Publishing Industry

Dear Ms./Mr./Dr. X,

I recently read a Newsweek article stating that the publishing industry is taking a hit because of self-serve publishing software that has become popular over the last few years. I am curious what you may have to say in regards to this. The piece discussed how this trend will change certain career trajectories. How quickly do you think the newer publishing technologies will make a difference?

Here is a link to the piece: (enter link here) or hyperlink to the words “here”.

If you have the chance to read it, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thank you and take care,

<<Your Name>>