Prepare for Graduate School

Use this community to help you prepare for graduate school!

Prepare for Graduate School

Interested in exploring further education beyond Dartmouth? We can support your search in a variety of ways. Our Graduate School Guide provides criteria for deciding when and where to apply, information about the application process and deadlines, and much more. Regardless of where you decide to apply, our guide on How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation is also helpful. Schedule a meeting with a CPD coach to discuss your options, begin planning, and to get help crafting a personal statement.

The Health Professions Program is Dartmouth’s academic advising program to assist and support undergraduates and alumni interested in pursuing careers in medicine or other health professions. Students are also encouraged to explore opportunities to engage with both the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, located near campus, as well as the Nathan Smith Society, a Dartmouth student organization that serves all students interested in the health professions. The CPD helps undergraduates identify and apply for internships that support exploration of this field.

The CPD has created a comprehensive Law School Application Guide plus Application Tips to get you started. Top law schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown visit campus each fall to share information about their schools and application processes. Schedule a meeting with a CPD coach to discuss your options, learn more about the latest trends and application rates, and to get help with the application process.

Students interested in Engineering can explore undergraduate and graduate study options at Dartmouth Engineering/Thayer School of Engineering, a rapidly expanding center located right in the heart of campus. The school offers multiple degree programs where you can enjoy an engineering sciences education with a hands-on systems-based approach unencumbered by departmental divisions. Research is application-focused and entrepreneurship is encouraged.

Interested in getting an MBA? Students have several ways to engage with the Tuck School of Business, inside Dartmouth’s campus. Tuck offers both summer and winter short-term Business Bridge Programs for undergraduates. Additionally, undergraduates can enroll in four different classes taught by Tuck professors. Tuck student mentors also collaborate with the CPD to offer a variety of networking events and networking opportunities throughout the year.

The Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth offers masters and doctoral degrees across a broad range of programs, including several interdisciplinary programs and doctoral programs connected to the professional schools at Dartmouth. Postdoctoral scholars with appointments across Dartmouth College, the professional schools, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center are also affiliated with the Guarini School. A CPD coach can help you find ways to engage with students and faculty from this school.

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