Womxn Students

Explore this community dedicated to our Women here at the university!

Womxn Students

Below are resources our CPD team has collected to help support Womxn Students. You’ll find many more helpful resources in our Handshake Resource Library. Our CPD Career Coaches can also provide additional resources, support, and advice customized to meet your unique interests. Schedule an appointment on Handshake

If you wish to receive information about career-related events and opportunities and self-identify as a womxn student, please sign up on Handshake (self-identified diversity interests are only accessible by CPD and Thayer ECS staff and all information will be kept confidential).

Access currently offered DEI events in Handshake by clicking here, or use the Filter feature in events and click the label “dei-focused”.

  • In Her Sight job board that also asks women to share their particular experiences at companies. Specific situations often reveal gender biases within companies or how well women are supported at an organization. 
  • American Association of University Women – The AAUW advances equality for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research. 
  • WAGE Project – WAGE inspires and helps working women to take the steps needed so that every woman is paid what she’s worth.
  • Workplace Fairness – Workplace Fairness provides legal information about sexual and gender discrimination.
  • WITI – WITI works to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership, and economic prosperity.
  • Fingerprint For Success – Women in the Workplace Statistics

How This Tech Leader Is Challenging the Gaming Industry’s Gender Gap

Moonlit Beshimov’s fascination with tech and gaming can be traced back to the halcyon days of her San Francisco childhood. Growing up, she rallied her friends to play computer games. And by the time she entered college, Beshimov had a …

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Who’s Hiring? 10 Organizations Advocating for Women and Girls

March marks the annual celebration of Women’s History Month, a time to highlight the significant contributions that women and girls have made to society. As we take a step back to consider the incredible leaders, past and present, who have …

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Connect with Employers Using upskill

upskill is a new talent platform designed from the ground up to help student job seekers be seen. Explore roles, connect with employers, and get personalized feedback to align yourself with a career that inspires you. Join 21,000+ students around the …

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External Author
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Never have I ever admitted, until now, how eager I am to binge the new season of a teen dramedy (I am…not a teen). But Never Have I Ever—brainchild of Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher—is too good and refreshingly weird …

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Influential Women in Tech and What We Can Learn From Them

In 1889, Anna Bissel became the first female CEO in the United States, breaking traditional gender roles and setting an example for generations of women to come. Fast forward to today, 10 percent  of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. …

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