Disabled Students

Explore this community for students with disabilities.

Disabled Students

Disability results from the interaction between an individual’s health, cognitive, and/or sensory condition and personal and environmental factors including time-pressured environments, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, negative attitudes, and limited social support. For more info, read the Association on Higher Education and Disability’s Statement on Language.

If you wish to receive information about career-related events and opportunities and self-identify as a disabled student, please sign up on Handshake (self-identified diversity interests are only accessible by CPD and Thayer ECS staff and all information will be kept confidential).

Below are resources our CPD team has collected to help support Disabled Students. You’ll find many more helpful resources in our Handshake Resource Library. Our CPD Career Coaches can also provide additional resources, support, and advice customized to meet your unique interests. Schedule an appointment on Handshake.

Access currently offered DEI events in Handshake by clicking here, or use the Filter feature in events and click the label “dei-focused”.

Connect with Employers Using upskill

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External Author
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What Are Reasonable Accommodations at Work (and How to Request Them)?

This guide explores what reasonable accommodations are, examples, and how to request them during your job search or in your first job.

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Job Searching With a Disability | How to Prepare for the Interview Process

As a jobseeker with a disability, you may be unsure how to discuss your disability with a potential employer. Check out this article for practical advice and tips on how to navigate these challenges!

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The Idealist Guide to Working (and Living) with Chronic Illness and Disability

There are myriad stories on the internet about different health experiences—be it chronic illness, disability, mental health struggles, or some combination of the three. But from the perspective of a person who wants to have an impactful career, there is …

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