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This page provides, among other things, helpful information on finding internships in specific career paths, a housing resource, and a job/internship tracking template! These resources are all found under our “Career Resources” tab. For more help finding more opportunities, schedule an appointment with a CPD career coach.

The CPD recommends the following approach to finding jobs and internships. As a candidate, structure your search to:

  • Research and identify industries that match your goals and interests
  • Identify individual companies and organizations whose reputations and expertise appeal to you
  • Network with alumni and personal contacts working in the field or the specific company you’re interested in

Note that searching current openings is only part of the process. Candidates who take a holistic approach that incorporates industry and company-level searches, in combination with networking, tend to be more successful than those who rely on job and internship postings alone. To maximize your search, book an appointment with a career coach.

Looking to explore your interests and test out different roles in an organization? Many organizations offer entry-level training programs as a pipeline to develop leadership talent. Most of these programs are 1-2 years long and offer short-term “rotations” inside different departments and divisions during the training period. Learn more about rotation and leadership training programs in this guide.

  • Handshake is the CPD’s one-stop shop for live job and internship postings and upcoming events.
  • Explore our Handshake 101 Resource, exploration resources, industry-specific job boards and advice & more in the ‘Career Resources’ below.
  • Beware of potential fraudulent postings and scams!
  • Many Dartmouth offices have resources for internships. See our Departmental Resources for Finding an Internship Guide.
  • Dartmouth Connect is an online networking hub where Dartmouth alumni from around the world offer a helping hand to students at every stage of the career journey. Dartmouth Connect offers virtual networking, small group communities, and a growing library of career resources.  While exploring career paths, students can join a supportive network of alumni who are eager to share their insights and suggestions. You can benefit from learning about alumni career journeys while discovering new possibilities and best practices to ensure success.
  • LinkedIn is the premier networking site that allows you to connect with alumni, join groups built around your interests and career aspirations, and reach out to professionals in most fields.
  • Idealist A global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources, including listings for jobs and internships.

The information provided on this website is intended as a convenience for Dartmouth students and employers who wish to engage with them. Dartmouth makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, concerning the relationship between students and any employer or internship provider, including without limitation regarding any work performed by a student in any such internship or employment relationship, or to any actions or omissions of any representative of the employer/internship provider. Dartmouth is acting only as an advertiser of opportunities which may be of benefit to its students. Dartmouth is not nor will it be subject to/or enter into any contract or policy that may result from the use of the information provided on this website. Notwithstanding any stipend provided to students by any Dartmouth office or division, internships and employment relationships are undertaken solely between the student and the employer/internship provider. Students are not acting as representatives of Dartmouth in connection with any employment or internship, nor is any such employment or internship relationship undertaken through Dartmouth.

If you have questions about internship contracts or an employer has asked you to have the college sign a contract, contact

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